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3 Benefits of Joining a Frequent Flyers Program

Joining a frequent flyers program is undoubtedly beneficial to anyone who, as the name suggests, flies on a regular basis, whether for business of for pleasure, yet so many frequent flyers have never signed up for these programs. We would like to believe that the reason behind this is the lack of information in exactly what benefits travelers are likely to accrue from joining a frequent flyers program. In this post, our Hamptons airport shuttle service specialists have therefore taken it upon themselves to inform you of some of the most prominent benefits of signing up for these programs.
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Now, here are some of the most prominent benefits of joining a frequent flyers program.

Trouble-Free Check-In

The most obvious benefit of joining a frequent flyers program is that the airline always has your information stored. If you are not on a frequent flyers program you will probably have to log in your information every time you book a flight. The few moments you spend signing up for a frequent flyers program will also save you hours in future when it comes to booking and standard airport processes in addition to allowing you to accrue points you can redeem for additional benefits at a later date.

Flying Points

As mentioned, once you are on a frequent flyers program you will accumulate points every time you fly and once you have accumulated enough you can redeem these points for added benefits on a flight. These benefits will vary from airline to airline, so find out what benefits your points can earn you from your airline’s customer service representatives. Some airlines will let you upgrade your seat with your points, others will let you redeem them for in-flight amenities such as drinks, others will allow you to redeem the point for a free flight, and others will give you all the above options; it really all depends on the airline policy.

No Baggage Fees

Have you ever found yourself desperately trying to stuff everything you will need for your trip into one bag while still trying to avoid going over the weight limit? We have all found ourselves in this situation in one way or another and, in some of these instances, we have been slapped with excess baggage fees, which is a huge inconvenience. On a frequent flyers program, however, you will either be able to receive special exception as a member of the airline loyalty program or you will be able to redeem some of your flying points to cater for the excess fees.
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Posted on Apr 24 2019