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3 Great Tips for Booking Wedding Transportation

Whether you need a single limousine for you and your spouse or a fleet of vehicles that will cater for your guests as well, there are a lot of logistics that go into booking wedding transportation. Being in the transportation business for many years, our Hamptons NYC car service specialists would like to share a few great tips you should employ in booking transportation for your big day.

To start with, consider the reputation of the car service you intend to employ. The best way to determine the reliability and effectiveness of any car service is to go through the user reviews on their website and other platforms. The company itself may speak highly of itself even when that isn’t the case, but previous clients will always give an honest opinion of their experience, which is why they are more reliable. Consider employing the service of our Hamptons limo service for your transportation needs; we have a stellar reputation from the quality of service we have offered all our clients over the years and our user reviews speak for themselves. Now, here are a few more pointers on how to go about booking wedding transportation.

Book Early

We cannot emphasize this enough; you do not want to start rushing to book wedding transportation at the last minute. Once you have identified a company you can depend on, make the bookings immediately. Reliable companies have a steady stream of clientele and waiting till the last minute may mean that they do not have any vehicles available on the day of your wedding and it may be a nightmare finding another car service. We recommend booking transportation months before the actual wedding day to guarantee that, for starters, the vehicle/vehicles will be available and, secondly, that you get the models you want.

Read the Fine Print

Now that you have identified a car service you like, it’s time to make the arrangement and that means putting it on paper. In order to make it official you will receive a contract indicating the terms of service, the deposit needed, the total cost, the rate per hour, departure and arrival locations, refund and gratuity policies, the model of vehicles, and much more. Do not overlook any detail in the contract, you do not want to be surprised by any additional charges that may be incurred because you did not take the time to fully understand the terms of the agreement. Make sure you especially understand the all-inclusive cost in order to tailor your budget around that figure.

Make a Playlist

As much as booking wedding transportation is business, you should not take it so seriously as to overlook the magic of the occasion. We recommend creating a great playlist before the day that you and your spouse-to-be can vibe to on your way to and from the ceremony. In case you don’t have enough time you could also ask your service provider to compile a playlist for you.

Posted on Feb 05 2019