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3 Habits of Effective Business Travelers

Traveling may be fun but not everyone out there is a wanderlust at heart; this is especially true when the purpose of the journey is business. Unfortunately, in today’s world, unless you’re one of the lucky ones, business travel is unavoidable. The least you can do is ensure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible, but this also takes some degree of experience to perfect. Our Hamptons airport shuttle service has, however, taken it upon itself to ensure that you don’t have to endure this trial by fire. We will be sharing a few tips we have picked up along the way in the many years we have been in the travel business. In this post, we will be discussing several habits employed by effective business travels to ensure that their travel experiences are as smooth and hassle-free as can be.

First, effective business travelers understand the value of employing the services of a reliable concierge car service like our Hamptons NYC car service. With a reliable car service, you never have to worry about driving and navigating yourself through unfamiliar territory while still attempting to meet crucial deadlines. Rather, the car service handles all the logistics, putting everything into consideration including weather, the condition of the roads, traffic density, etc., to ensure that you are where you need to be on, or before time. Under the care of a reputable car service, all you have to do is sit back, and enjoy a luxurious, hassle-free ride as you are transferred to any location of your choosing in a safe and expedient manner.

The following are a few habits of effective business travelers.




Effective business travelers leverage the power of technology. That is by taking advantage of useful travel apps such as TripIt, Airbnb, Google Maps, Waze, Skyscanner, and many more, in order to gather information and make informed decisions on accommodations, places to eat, airlines to use, the most convenient routes, etc. Effective business travelers will also use TSA PreCheck, Global Entry, and other programs that allow them to speed up the tedious airport process. By taking advantage of the technological tools at their disposal they are able to eliminate most of the stress and discomfort associated with traveling.



Effective business travelers pack light. Packing light can be a challenge for most people, but these individuals have come to understand the benefits that come with not having to drag around heavy luggage during a trip. Traveling light allows for maximum speed, efficiency, and maneuverability, which is especially important for business travelers who almost always have to meet timelines.


Personal Time

Effective business travelers will also set apart some time for themselves in their itinerary. On a business trip, it is easy to feel like you should make the most of every passing second. What most business travelers forget is that you are not a machine, it is physically impossible to be productive 24/7. In fact, sometimes the most productive thing you can do is take a break. Effective business travelers understand this and give themselves a few hours from the day to just sit down and unwind.

Posted on Nov 27 2018