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3 Simple Tips for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution to Stay Fit When Traveling

The long-awaited New Year is finally here and, with it, we can expect the usual list of resolutions from friends, family, and everyone around us. One theme that seems to be common and constant in most people’s new year resolutions is ‘Fitness’. But what does this tell us about this resolution? Clearly, if fitness has been on your list every new year for the past couple of years, then you are doing something wrong, right? Don’t worry, however, our Hamptons NYC car service representatives have identified the issue with this recurring resolution and we have come up with a few tips you can implement to guarantee that you stick to your intended fitness routine when you travel this year.

You may have tried several years in a row to maintain a health and fitness routine - to lose weight, to feel comfortable in your own skin, and to boost your energy levels without success. But you are not done until you have committed to applying the following tips compiled by our us. Let’s have a look!

Be Realistic

One of the easiest ways to fail at anything is to set unrealistic, impractical expectations. This is not to say, you should dilute your ambition. It is important to reach for the stars, but to expect unrealistic results is another thing altogether. We recommend aiming high and breaking down your fitness goals into attainable milestones to avoid discouragement along the way. For example, on your quest to lose weight, resolving to forgo your favorite meal for the rest of the year may be setting yourself up for failure. A better approach would be to vow to only enjoy your favorite meal once a month, dependent on whether you have indeed made progress in the last 30 days. This way, you not only have a realistic goal but also a reward system that will keep you motivated on your fitness journey.

Prioritize Exercise

We have a million things to do on a daily basis, especially when we travel. There will always be a reason to push your exercise sessions forward, but in order to achieve your fitness goals this year, you have to make exercise a priority in your life, just like everything else otherwise, we might as well save ourselves the disappointment of yet another year of minimum progress and quit now.


Perhaps the reason we haven’t been successful in the past is because we haven’t figured out just how important working out, dieting, meal prepping are to our fitness goals and at some point we just stop going at it. This year, you need to have a ‘why?’ for your fitness goals that will remind you of the reason you need to hit the gym so early in the morning, why you need to prep your meals every evening, why you need to avoid fast food, and so forth. Without a ‘why?’, you are bound to fall off the wagon and you may find yourself at the same place you will be the next year. Think about how frustrating that would be.

Extra tip: Save Time with Transportation

When traveling for business or personal purposes, transportation is one of the biggest challenges that changes your routine. You can save plenty of valuable time when you choose a reliable ground transportation company that can accommodate all your travel needs and our Hamptons limo service offers you peace of mind and exceptional transportation solutions. We know that navigating the New York region can be a challenge even for longtime residents, but we can accommodate everything from solo travelers to large groups and we will make your next trips pleasant and worry-free.

Posted on Jan 03 2019