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Hot Reads for Frequent Business Travelers

Just like traveling, good reading material can open doors into world’s you didn’t even know existed. Our Hamptons limo service representatives have always been major advocates of avid reading, especially for people in business and the corporate world. A significant portion of our clientele being people in business, we have therefore decided to come up with a list of books perfectly suited for business travelers.

Enjoy these reads in the comfort of a luxury vehicle courtesy of our Hamptons airport shuttle service. Contract our reliable car service for all your ground transportation needs. Enjoy our deluxe amenities as you dive deep into the world of the book in front of you, with the comfort of knowing that a trained chauffeur is behind the wheel and, before you know it, you’ll be at your destination. The following are our picks for books perfectly tailored for frequent business travelers.

The Alchemist

Almost everyone has heard of Paulo Coelho’s, The Alchemist, even those who haven’t gotten around to reading it. If you are determined to follow dreams that may seem daunting in the moment, then this book is exactly what you need for some inspiration. This book has been translated into 56 languages, which says something about its impact, even across cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds. The Alchemist tells the story of a young shepherd who travels from Spain to Egypt, going with the flow and learning the meaning of life. Whatever your vision may be, this book is bound to inspire you to go forth and make it a reality.

From Silk to Silicon

Jeffrey E. Garten, the author, is the Dean at the School of Management in Yale University. He also teaches a variety of courses in Global Economics. In this book, Garten delivers a wide range of inspiring lessons based on iconic historical characters such as Margret Thatcher, Genghis Khan, and Andrew Grove. Garten shares business strategy approaches in relation to globalization by sharing centuries worth of globalization effects. If you are an entrepreneur wondering how to come up with a strategy for your business, then this book may just be the answer.

The 4-Hour Workweek

Tim Ferriss has described himself as a Guinea pig because he goes around performing practical life experiments on himself. For example, running a business while traveling, losing weight in record time, and much more. This book contains some of those experiments and they have inspired millions of people across the world to believe that challenges they may have considered to be impossible can actually be conquered with the right mindset.

The Power of Habit

The author, Charles Duhigg, sets out, not only to inspire you to take up healthy habits, but explains how old destructive ones can be beaten and replaced. Duhigg combines inspiring individual stories with scientific research to come up with a compelling read that offers enough advice to transform both the reader’s personal life, career, and business.

Posted on Feb 26 2019