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How to Avoid Holdups at the Airport

Whether you are a frequent flyer or a periodic flyer, holdups at the airport can be insufferable. However, while airport holdups are unbearable, they are also mostly self-inflicted. Don’t panic just yet, this is good news; if the hold-ups are self-inflicted, it means they are within our control, right? Our Hamptons limo service specialists have therefore come up with several pointers that will help you avoid unnecessary holdups in your subsequent airport experiences.      

The very first pointer must be the contracting of a concierge car service such as our Hamptons airport transfer service for all your airport transportation needs. Running late on your way to the airport is usually the first domino in a string of holdups from security, to check in, and all the way to your gate. A reliable car service will consider all the logistics at play, including time of day, traffic density, weather, and so forth, in order to ensure that you are at the airport in time to comfortably and smoothly move through the various checkpoints without much aggravation.

The following are a few more pointers on how you can avoid holdups at the airport.

Be Prepared

Ensure that you have all the necessary documents ready before you get to customs in order to avoid wasting time rummaging through your bags. Also, although you can borrow one from the person next to you in line, you should bring your own pen and keep it at hand in case you need to sign any documents or fill-in any forms.

Liquids and Hand Luggage

If you want to breeze by security, always pre-pack all your liquids (100ml and below) in a transparent zip-lock bag before traveling. Have those, alongside all electronic and metallic devices such as phones, cameras, and laptops, out of your hand luggage before you get to security to minimize the amount of time you spend before clearance.


Potential mistakes that may lead to further holdups at the airport persist even after you have passed airport security. In most cases, airlines will make important announcements over the PA system, for example, gate changes. If you happen to be wearing your headphones/earphones enjoying a funny YouTube video, you may miss an important announcement and stand a good chance of missing your flight.

Misplaced luggage

Airport holdups can also occur once you have arrived at your destination. Bags and suitcases will sometimes look alike, and you may not be able to differentiate yours from another person’s. To avoid the hassle of having to verify which bag or suitcase is who’s, make an effort to ensure yours stand out. For example, by tying a bright ribbon or pinning a distinctive badge.

Airport Check-ins

One of the biggest airport holdups has to be the check-in queue. Choose to check in online, which is incredibly effortless. In fact, for domestic flights, without luggage, you will be able to walk straight past security, skip the check-in queue, and pick a seat of your choice at the gate before everyone else is done checking in.

Posted on Mar 26 2019