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Long Island Wine Tasting – How To Make The Most Of Your Wine Tour

Drinking wine has become more of a spiritual experience rather than just an occasional event practice. We now enjoy a glass of wine when relaxing after a stressful day in the office while curling up with a good book or at a weekend party. But if your love for wine goes beyond this, our Long Island wine tour is the perfect way for you to spend some days off.

To start your ideal vacation, our private wine tours are a great opportunity for you to enjoy a special trip with your significant other or your best friends. Depending on your demands, you can give us a call, and we can decide together which route to follow. Our great customer support team has put together a list of the best vineyards in the area, and our professional chauffeurs are available to drive you any time of the day. Whether it will be a romantic getaway or a group thing, here are some tips to make the most of your time.


Summer and autumn are the seasons for you to embark on a wine tour because, even if they are the busiest and most popular, they are also the best. The warm weather and the harvest season get you the chance to see how wine is actually produced (maybe even join the process, why not?!) and taste it first-hand. The winter season, though usually free, might not be such a good idea. Cold weather and small production make many wineries reduce working schedule or even temporarily close their gates, so look into the opening hours before hitting the road.


A wine-tasting tour is not something you do every day, so make it perfect by choosing the best locations in the designated area. It is important to conduct thorough research in advance and choose those wineries that meet your demands. There are two types: on the one hand, there are wineries that belong to famous brands, where they usually present their well-known wines, some best-kept secrets (created particularly for a few special guests), and a couple of new assortments; on the verge of launching. On the other hand, the family business wineries, smaller yet friendlier, where wine is both a true passion and a way of life, might appeal more to your senses - perhaps you will dig up some real gems while enjoying a cozier atmosphere.


It is up to you to choose the type of winery that caters to your style. No matter your selection, tasting the product is a must in every wine tour. Don’t forget to keep an open mind and go outside your comfort zone. Taste not only your favorites but also new ranges. Diversity is the key and even if you are not a fan of red wine in your everyday life, give it a shot, and you may discover a new passion. You never know what can pop up when you take your chances.


Since you are embarking on a wine-tasting tour and want to make the most of it, driving is off the table. Give us a call, and our professional chauffeurs will drive you safely from one destination to another. This way, you get to taste as many wine samples as you want and don’t miss any fun or risk your driver’s license. Remember to take small sips and use the spit bucket in case you feel a little dizzy.

A rap song lyrics say that ‘Everyday I spend my time drinking wine and feeling fine’. Well, most people can’t really afford that every day, but you can surely enjoy this experience from time to time. Make the most of your wine-tasting tour by sticking to these simple tips. It is the best opportunity for you to try new things, discover new places and even meet new people. Remember that drinking and driving don’t go hand in hand, so let our professionals handle everything. You just take your time and enjoy the moment!

Posted on Aug 24 2022