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New Trends for Corporate Events in 2022

Corporate events are always evolving, and if you want to stay on top of the latest trends, you have arrived at the right place. Starting with the decor and ending with free snacks, there is a lot that goes into organizing a successful corporate event. We have analyzed the latest methods that companies are utilizing to increase the attendance numbers for their events and will present them today. Without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.

The Latest Trends for Corporate Events in 2022

#1 Exciting Keynote Speakers

Booking an exciting keynote speaker for your event is the best way to keep the guests entertained and engaged. The difference that we see in 2022 is that more companies are choosing to bring keynote speakers from different industries. The reason behind this is that they can provide a unique outlook on business and life in general.

#2 Focus on Health and Safety Protocols

All corporate events are now focusing on health and safety protocols. This is mandatory since the pandemic has put health on the public’s minds. Here are some great ideas to make your corporate event safe: touchless technology, thermal scanning for temperature, proximity alerts, and hand sanitizing stations in multiple areas of the venue.

#3 Outdoors Venues

Since the pandemic has made it challenging to host large corporate events indoors, a new outdoor trend emerged in 2022. The risk of COVID-19 contraction is significantly reduced if you choose to book an outdoor venue and utilize the safety protocols mentioned before. Event planners can do amazing things with large open areas while maintaining social distancing protocols. What’s great about outdoor venues is the fact that they feel more welcoming, and if you have an open bar, you can bet that everyone will have a good time.

#4 Professional Car Service

One of the best ways to make sure that your guests make it safely and on time to the venue is to book professional car service. This service is essential if you have guests, such as business partners, flying into town because they don’t have any means of transportation. You don’t have to book a limo for every guest. You can choose to charter a bus or minivan that can accommodate everyone. Booking professional corporate transportation will also help you make a great impression and increase the attendance rate at the event since no one will have to worry about driving or parking.

#5 Event Apps

An event app makes it easy to share important information with all the attendants. You will no longer have to rely on people following your company’s social media page in order to get the latest updates. Getting information across to everyone will be easier than having someone blast the announcements via loudspeakers. Event apps can have an “add friend” feature so that the attendants can create contacts. It’s also important to highlight that you can request emails from the attendants on the app so that you can ask for feedback after the event is over.

Posted on Jun 27 2022