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The Best Beaches Around the World You Should Visit

What better way to escape the hustles of everyday life than at the beach? Whether you are in the mood for a stroll on the sand-swept ocean side or just basking in the sun, the beach has room for everyone. If this sounds like something you would be into, our Hamptons airport transfer service representatives have compiled a list of some of best beaches around the world for you to pick from.

On your way to your sandy adventure, we recommend employing the services of our Hamptons airport shuttle service for all your transportation needs when you need to get to the airport stress-free, in comfort and style. Kick off your beach vacation the right way; enjoy a luxurious ride on your way to the airport and enjoy our deluxe amenities as a professional chauffeur transfers you to your terminus in a safe and timely manner. The following are a few beaches around the world that are definitely worth a try on your next getaway.

Dreamland Beach

The Dreamland Beach is located on the shores of Bali Island in Indonesia. This was a once hidden cove on the Bukit Peninsula that is said to have been discovered in 1970 (this is debatable) and has since become a world-renowned tourist destination. The Dreamland Beach is known for its amazing shore breaks and world-class resorts. As much it has developed exponentially over the years it has retained its small-town vibe, which is why it is so popular amongst tourists; it’s something they can’t quite get at home. Here you will get to enjoy beach shack cafes, picturesque views, thatched shops, fresh juices, and much more.

Bathsheba Beach

Located in the Eastern Caribbean island of Barbados, this wild and rugged beach has remained surprisingly undisturbed from its natural state. Surfers, photographers, and models alike all flock here to watch the blue waves crash against the boulders and the white sand around the beach creating a foamy solution that the locals call ‘Soup’. You may not get to do a lot of swimming here but you will certainly be awed by the sheer beauty of the beach and you will definitely make your friends back home jealous with all the perfect shots you will capture here.

Waipio Valley Beach

Waipio Beach is located on the shores of Big Island in Hawaii. The beach is situated in a valley and has been said to be one of the hardest beaches to access in Hawaii. To get to the beach, you have to either hike or drive down a dangerously steep and narrow road to get to your destination. As much as the path here may be treacherous, once you are at your destination you will be glad you took the risk. At the very bottom you will find a black volcanic sand beach that stretches out over one mile. The beach is also bordered by a 2,000-foot cliff wall to one side and a dense forest to the other.

Posted on Feb 19 2019