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The Different Types of Air Travel you can Employ in 2019

There are several types of air transportation out there, but most of us have only been exposed to one form of flight; commercial airplane flights. Naturally, commercial flights became so well-known because they met the needs of the masses. This got our Hamptons NYC car service thinking of how many of us have never experienced any other form of flight, let alone heard of them. While some of these methods only represent a small niche in a whole world of flight, they are all something you should try at least once in your lifetime.

On your way to your altitude adventure, we recommend contracting our Hamptons airport transfer service for your transportation needs. Some of these forms of flying may not be conventional, but time is always of the essence and our trusted chauffeurs will consider all the logistics to get you to the departure site, be it an airport or an open field. Enjoy a comfortable and luxurious ride on your way to your adventure as you enjoy our deluxe amenities and anticipate the impending experience.


This is probably the most popular and most common mode of air transportation available. Reports have indicated that there are as much as 50,000 commercial flights around the world on a daily basis. Airplanes are distinguished from other forms of air transportation because they achieve flight through a forward motion, needing a long runway to achieve enough velocity. Well, we all have a basic idea of how planes work but whether you have been on one or not, the human ingenuity behind them is still awe-inspiring.


Blimps are also known as Airships. The basic idea of the blimp was inspired by the hot air balloon. Blimps have been around since the 19th century when they were first used as recon machinery for various militaries around the world. They were then used for commercial purposes where people would be treated to slow, luxurious trips over significant distances. Blimps rely on their strong walls that are filled with lifting gas; the walls are strong enough to maintain the shape and balance of the ship.


The Zeppelin is much like the Blimp. These are strong airships that got their name from Ferdinand von Zeppelin who pioneered the development of airships in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century. The only difference between blimps and zeppelins is that zeppelins actually have a metallic frame all around. The walls are filled with hydrogen gas enabling them to rise into the air. Zeppelins are generally larger than blimps and are capable of long-distance flights. Fun fact: they were the first flying mechanism to be used in bombings during the first world war.

Hot Air Balloons

You have probably heard, or even experienced, hot air balloons. It is rumored that this was the very first mechanism that enabled human beings to achieve flight. The hot air balloon is a light aircraft that has a large bag that envelops heated air above while passengers’ seat in a basket beneath the balloon. As the hot air rises the balloon is blown in the direction of the wind and as the air cools, passengers are able to land safely. A hot air balloon trip is a relaxing and fun experienced. 

Whether visiting for pleasure or business, New York is a fascinating destination. While in New York, you may find it challenging to get around on your own. Contact our New York airport transportation service and you will be able to enjoy the convenience of knowing you have reliable transportation when you need it.

Posted on Feb 12 2019