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Top 11 Attractions in and around the Hamptons for your Summer Trips

There’s so much more to do in the Hamptons than laying back on giant floats in swimming pools sipping on Mojitos, although there is no problem if that’s your thing. However, we encourage you to go beyond the swimming pool’s horizon and explore all the amazing attractions the Hamptons has to offer. If you’re wondering what these are, don’t worry, our Hamptons NYC car service has got you covered.

Before we get to that, however, we would like to recommend the services of our reputable Hamptons limo service for all your Hamptons excursions. Let our professionally trained chauffeurs take the wheel as you simply lay back, enjoy our deluxe amenities, revel in the company of your friends/family, and look forward to arriving at any one of these amazing locations. Now, let’s have a look at all the attractions you can enjoy this summer in the Hamptons.


EMP Summer House

Head over to Pantigo Road in East Hampton and find the EMP Summer House where you will get to enjoy a one-of-a-kind restaurant that definitely does justice to the locally sourced farm produce and seafood. Not only do you get to enjoy great food at the EMP Summer House, but this quaint restaurant is also a great way to get away from the monotony of the Hamptons. After a hearty meal, we recommend trying some of their famous linguini and beet cocktails; if summer had a taste that would be it.

Carissa’s Bakery

Carissa’s Bakery is located along Newton Lane in East Hampton and, as the name suggests, the bakery was founded by the undeniably talented Carissa Waechter. There is a wide array of baked products to choose from, but we especially recommend the mouthwatering cheese croissant, prosciutto, and the soured rye. The bakery only uses natural yeast, a practice dating as far back as 1999 in Southampton, which makes this bakery and all its products Hamptons-‘bread’ (See what we did there).

Le Bilboquet

Find the Le Bilboquet restaurant not too far from the Hamptons. This French-Inspired restaurant is located in beautiful Sag Harbor bay. Here you will get to enjoy a leisurely lunch in a picturesque setting. The restaurant has been known to be frequented by celebrities and if you’re lucky you may just spot one of your favorite stars on your visit.


St. Frank East Hampton

From its name you already know that you will find the St. Frank store in East Hampton. Head over to Main Street and find this colorful, chic, store that offers home-made wares produced by local artisans. These wares have a traditional feel to them and some people even describe them as bohemian. So, if you are into antique home products, you have to stop by St. Frank on your next visit.

Harbor Books

Founded by Taylor Rose Berry, Harbor Books in Sag Harbor is undoubtedly the prettiest and most well-stocked book store in the Hamptons. Here you will find personal recommendations by the staffers, which go a long way in helping you find a book that’s perfectly suited for you. You will also find beanbags in the kid’s section, so tag the kids along and encourage them to read a book as you sift through the shelves. Once you have found a book you think you like, sample it by the tea bar before deciding whether you would like to make a purchase.


Located along the Main Street in Amagansett, this pop-up store offers a wide selection of products - home decor, beauty products, wellness services, and much more. The store is located in a restored, 100-year-old cottage. Before you leave, however, we recommend you sample their revered fragrance collection; you can also expect a special summer collection, so don’t pass it by.


Main Beach

You will find Main Beach in East Hampton, which has been severally sited as one of the best beaches in the United States. Enjoy the warm summer sun on the pristine white sands alongside the Hamptons elite. There is a hefty parking fee here which deters many visitors, but this only means you can expect a smaller crowd, making it the perfect place to catch a tan in the Hamptons.

Atlantic Avenue Beach

Head over to the Atlantic Avenue in Amagansett and find the Atlantic Avenue Beach. The beach mostly features a younger crowd and, as expected, is typically a lot more crowded than Main Beach. However, the beach is perfect if you are looking for a wild time as opposed to a relaxed ambiance. The parking fee at Atlantic Avenue is only $25 per vehicle and the Amagansett train station is only a short walk from the beach.

Kirk Park Beach

Kirk Park Beach is located along South Emerson Avenue in Montauk and is a perfect sandy getaway for anyone who wants to get away from all the Hamptons craziness for a while. This low-key location draws diverse visitors including local dwellers, city folk, university students, families, and more. The beach has a hippie, free-spirit vibe to it, so if that’s your scene then this beach is just what you are looking for. If you are looking for a little privacy after enjoying the beach, head on to The Surf Lodge and enjoy live music entertainment and a drink as the day winds down.


The Salon and Spa at Bath and Tennis

Do you enjoy the Ocean? Well, at this spa, you never really have to leave. This open-air wellness center has views of the ocean; get a massage as you soak in the summer sun and hear the waves crashing at the nearby shore. Simply make your way to Dune Road in Westhampton and find this one-of-a-kind spa.

Salon Bar

Located along Newton Lane in Easthampton, the Salon Bar is a full-service spa that offers all forms of wellness services including massages, anti-cellulite procedures, blowouts, organic body wraps, and much more. If you happen to find yourself with a summer beauty emergency, the Salon Bar can probably fix it, so pop in.

Posted on Jun 25 2019