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New York Prom Limo

One of the biggest nights of the year for high school students is prom night. Along with celebrating their impending graduation and the start of their college careers, the prom is often their first night of luxury. When going to prom, there is a lot that needs to get figured out, one of the most important things is the transportation for the evening.

Safe transportation

One of the main benefits of a New York car service or limo service is that you will have a reliable mode of transportation. Prom night often begins early and can go very late into the evening and when fatigue starts to set in it is best to ensure a professional, well-trained driver is at the wheel. Our experienced chauffeurs can ensure that from beginning to end the kids are in good hands.

Group travel fun

With 365 Airport Transfer, the vehicle options can easily accommodate up to 15 people. This can make it a great option when you are looking for a way to schedule a trip together. Instead of having to worry about driving in your own cars with their limited passenger capacity, you and your friends will be able to relax in the back of the limo and enjoy the special evening.


Many people also find that getting a car service is a good idea because it will help to keep the evening organized. When you are going to prom with a larger group, it can be difficult the various pre and post prom activities when multiple vehicles are involved. However, when you have a car service that will be driving you to and from prom at a certain time, it will give you more of a deadline that you need to hit. While the car services are also very flexible and accommodating, they also will give you the motivation to stay on schedule the night of the event.


Finally, the prom night is something that needs to be enjoyed. When you are going to prom, riding in a luxurious limo can be a lot of fun and will be very memorable. These limos offer leather seats, moon roofs, televisions, and other features that make them very fun for anyone to ride in on the big night. Furthermore, when you finally pull up and arrive at prom, you will be relaxed and ready to enjoy the evening, especially with the knowledge that the driving is taken care of.

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New York Prom Limo